Twinstant Mobile

A powerful and mobile full body 3D scanning solution
designed for 3D portraits, AR/VR and measurements.

Starting at $29,995 + $299/month cloud subscription

Simple. Mobile. Profitable.

twinstant mobile full body 3d scanner main

Twinstant Mobile Full Body?3D Scanner

The Twinstant Mobile is a powerful and mobile full body 3D scanner designed to be?profitable in locations with heavy foot traffic.


+ taxes & shipping

  • Twinstant Mobile Full Body 3D Scanner
  • Capture Laptop
  • Twinstant Scanner App
  • Tools/Spare Parts Kit
  • 1-Year Parts Warranty
  • 1-Month Premier Setup Support

*All Twinstants require a Twindom Cloud Platform subscription.

Small Footprint

10′ diameter

Quick set-up

<30 minutes

Instant capture

1/4 of a second

3D preview?in

6-12 minutes

High resolution

400k-1.6m faces


17 lbs./pole

full body 3d scanner fits in the back of a car

Fits in the back of a car for easy transport.

Simple set-up?in just 30 minutes.

point & click full body 3d scanning interface

Simple interface that anyone can use.

twinstant mobile full body hybrid 3d scanner

Evenly lit 3D portraits through built-in?lighting.

color calibration for full body 3d scanner

Beautiful?true-to-life colors with automatic calibration.

customer support for twinstant mobile 3d full body scanner

Become a 3D scanning expert?with our?library of training videos.

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Twindom Cloud Platform

The brain behind the Twinstant Mobile. The Twinstant Mobile takes the pictures, the Twindom Cloud Platform helps you?operate and manage your 3D photography business, including: 3D model processing, your whitelabeled online store, 3D product?fulfillment, model storage and CRM.


$ 299

per month

  • 100 3D Preview GIFs
  • Shared servers?on Twindom Cloud
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Whitelabeled Online Store
  • 3D Product?Fulfillment
  • 72-hour email support
  • Customer Manager
  • Social Media Sharing

UnlimitedMost Popular

$ 499

per month

  • Unlimited 3D Preview GIFs
  • 2 dedicated servers on Twindom Cloud
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Whitelabeled Online Store
  • 3D Product Fulfillment
  • 72-hour email support
  • Customer Manager
  • Social Media Sharing

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per month

  • Unlimited 3D Preview GIFs + OBJs
  • 2+ dedicated servers on Twindom Cloud
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Whitelabeled Online Store
  • 3D Product Fulfillment
  • 72-hour email support
  • Customer Manager
  • Social Media Sharing

auto process 3d scans for 3d portraits

Save time by automatically queuing 3D?scans to process.

3D portrait preview Twindom

Quickly show customers 3D previews that are ready in 6-12 minutes.

review 3d scans

Instantly check printability of 3D portraits before a customer orders.

3d portrait color editor

Quickly adjust brightness, contrast, hue and saturation directly in your web browser.

no advanced 3d software

No downloading difficult 3D software. Twindom automatically reviews and fixes all 3D scans submitted for 3D printing.

Automated 3D Preview Generation

A 3D Preview Model, processed by the Twindom Cloud Platform from raw photo data, is a basic, digital representation of the final 3D printed figurine, visible while the customer is still on-site at your location. 3D Preview Models are processed using only a minimum viable amount of data (~15 MB) to speed up the processing time (6-12 minutes) and ensure proper transfers on poor internet connections. Print-quality 3D models are generated later, after an order has been placed for a scan.?

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3D portrait preview Twindom
auto process 3d scans for 3d portraits

Sales and Marketing Tools For 3D Printed Figurines

twindom manager point of sale

Integrated POS

Collect credit card, debit card, or cash payments in your local currency. Supported currencies include: USD, AUD,?EUR, CAD, GBP,?JPY, INR, ILS etc. Also set coupon codes, custom tax zones and VAT depending on your local area.

*Optionally use your own POS to accept payments

Online Store

Allow customers to easily reorder 3D printed figurines on your branded online store hosted on Set your own retail prices and have your logo prominently displayed.

sell with ease
share 3d selfies on social media

Social Media Sharing

All 3D scans are shareable on social media directly from a customer’s online account. Also, set custom hashtags and urls that link back to your own webpage.

Customer Relationship Management

Easily keep track of which scans belong to which customer from an easy online interface.

keep track of 3d scans in the twindom manager

Full Color 3D Printing Fulfillment Service

The muscle behind the Twinstant Mobile. The Twinstant Mobile takes the pictures, the Twindom Fulfillment Service?helps you fulfill 3D product orders at scale with ease.

3d printed figurine fulfillment

Automatic 3D Product?Fulfillment

Visualize where each of your customer’s products?are in Twindom’s automated fulfillment systems. All products?are fulfilled by our global network of 3D product?partners.

Need to know fulfillment pricing for our 3D print fulfillment service?

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Current 3D Products

(wholesale pricing starting at $15)

3D Printed Figurines

Full-color 3D prints, produced in Nylon using HP Multi-Jet-Fusion 580 full-color 3D printers. Available in full-body, half-body, and bust sizes.

3D Printed Miniatures

3D portraits produced at smaller sizes with a full-color resin 3D printer. Available at 1 inch to 3 inch sizes.

3D Crystals

Laser engraved K9 3D crystals of your scan. Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 3″x2″x2″ up to 6″x4″x4″ (H x W x D).

3D Digital Files

OBJ models of your scans with true-to-life scale applied for measuring the human body for a variety of professions. Generally within 0.5″ accuracy in any given dimension.

3d printed figurines, 3d portraits, 3d miniature, 3d selfie
3d printed miniature, 3d portraits, 3d printed figurine, 3d selfie
hd 3d selfie retouched

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