Human 3D Body Model Dataset (from 3D Scans)

Many universities, research institutions, and companies around the world have used our dataset for doing research and development projects.

The Twindom dataset includes:

  • 1137 anonymized full-body 3D models (919 are male models, 218 are female models)
  • Poly count is generally between 100,000 faces and 1,500,000 faces
  • Textures are either 4k or 8k and are in either PNG or JPG format
  • Model meshes are in OBJ/MTL format
  • Models include raw 3D scans from 23 countries
  • A wide variety of?ages, body shapes, and skin tones?are represented, all fully clothed
  • Models are distributed via Google Cloud Storage, and can be downloaded either in-browser or via the gsutil command line tool
  • This dataset is immediately available without delay upon making payment

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