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Support and Warranty
What do I do if the Twinstant Mobile stops working?

We have produced?extensive troubleshooting tools and documentation for quick diagnoses and fixes. In more complicated scenarios you may email or call Twindom?support (premier phone support is free for the first month). If a problem cannot be resolved using the documentation/troubleshooting tools, it can almost always be fixed remotely by our support staff using a Remote Desktop application. In the event?a component needs replacing, the Twinstant Mobile was designed to make part replacement a straightforward process, so replacement should be pain-free.?

How does support work?

You may contact us by phone at 1 – 844 -TWINDOM (1-844-894-6366; free for the first month), by email [email protected], or use our extensive troubleshooting tools and documentation.?We are capable of solving almost all problems remotely. In the event that a part needs replacing, Twindom provides ?spare parts already shipped with your Twinstant along with video and text instructions so that you can resume operation quickly. If necessary, Twindom will provide additional parts at no cost?if it falls within our 1 year defective parts warranty, otherwise the replacement part may be purchased directly from Twindom. The Twinstant Mobile is modular…

What does the warranty cover?

The 12 month defective parts warranty covers components?that fail during the normal operation of the system?due to a manufacturing defect.?

What is the warranty on the Twinstant Mobile?

The Twinstant Mobile has a 12 month defective parts warranty.